Office of Admissions, CSU, Chico

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College of Agriculture

A lot of colleges youíre a number and at Chico youíre a name and a face.

You can get a lot of personal attention here at Chico and as a faculty person I like being able to give that kind of attention to each student.

I chose Chico, really for the environment.

We try to get students involved in every facet of it here.

Itís all hands on and itís just a great experience. This whole entire field, this whole project is mine. Itís nice to have one on one with your teachers. My favorite would probably be the new tractor, real nice ride.

I chose Chico State mostly because of the student to faculty ratio. It was more like family compared to other colleges.

They tell you that these are the students youíre going to be with for the next couple years and itís true, you basically will know everybodyís name by the end of your, your career.

I mean you really get to build some cool relationships. Last week I went hiking with my Ag Engineering Professor.

Say okay, we are doing a site for example, near Hamilton City on the Sacramento River. These are the four plants we want.

I just like how small it is and how everybody is connected.