Office of Admissions, CSU, Chico

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College of Behavioral & Social Sciences

I picked Chico State because I knew it was more of a small school and I’d actually get to know my teachers and know everyone in my class.

You can get a lot of personal attention here at Chico and as a faculty person I like being able to give that kind of attention to each student.

They really do see that their instructors here aren’t telling them about something they read in a book, they are telling them about something that they did this morning.

The Community Legal Information Center provides free legal information to anyone and everyone who needs legal information, who can’t maybe have access to an attorney.

We have three programs here at CLIC where you can actually be a Paralegal intern and represent your clients, in administrative hearings where you actually go to court, and talk to judges and help your client.

There’s no other program anywhere like our legal studies program.

My degree here is helping me reach people, make connections with them, touch their lives and help them through moments where they need the most support. The outstanding strength of the Psychology department is that it provides a very broad experience to students.

The emphasis here at Chico gives great hands on experience and they give opportunity for students to have hands on case work and get experience that most other programs don’t have.

Chico State is great for Geospatial technologies.  We’re very well respected; we’re ranked highest in the CSU system for this technology.  The past five years in a row, which is the past five years that we’ve entered the state of competition for the California Geographical Society our students have won first, second, and third place every single time.

In Child Development you’re making a physical connection and an emotional connection with the child.  You’re creating a bond and you walk away at the end of the day you’re thinking of those kids.  And when you come back you’re like “Oh, I can’t wait to see so and so” and they’re happy to see you, and they talk about what you did yesterday, and they’re really excited to see you- and you walk home and you think about them.

Being able to connect with the community and with other students has been really great.