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College of Business

A dream job for me would just be, at the head of that organization, taking all the applied knowledge that Iíve got from the college of business, and being able to apply it to decision making.

I think my dream job would just be to be, to be able to relax in different places around the world and look at my life everyday and be like, ďWow, who is this, whose life is this, Iím so proud of who Iíve become.Ē

The students are really motivated and they come to Chico not only for an academic education, but they come here for the Chico experience.

The courses that they do teach are very applicable to real life situations.

So much about Chico State I fell in love with; the campus is gorgeous, itís amazing, itís beautiful.

Chico State has an outstanding College of Business.

I chose management because thatís something that I am very interested in. Iím a strategic person.

I did a lot of research on CEOs and big managers of companies and a huge percentage of them had an accounting background.

What weíre best known for, I think, is our management information systems and now we have an entrepreneurship program that is excellent.

I got the opportunity to not only study abroad, but I got to work with NBC as an Office Manager for the Olympics, in Italy for the winter 2006 Olympics.

You and the SAGE (Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship) Nigeria staff are my heroes because you donít talk about changing the world, youíre doing it. That started in Chico and is now truly global.

I had my real kind of job interview with Starbuckís and they looked at my resume and said, ď Youíre from Chico, youíre an accounting major, you have studied abroad, you have been an Office Manager for NBC, can you please start working for us next week?Ē

I want to make good decisions for a company.

I highly recommend it to anybody that is trying to get a position.

Itís an amazing program and it got me so much more into the business world. Youíre actually working 12 hours a day, seven days a week, in a real business environment.

Chico State is one of the premier state business schools around.

Iím proud to say I go to this college.