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College of Communicaton & Education

I went to school in San Jose, North Carolina, and I chose to come up to Chico for the Communications Department.  I was really into photography and video, so I came up here and chose a media arts program.  While I was a student I actually got picked up part time to work for Videomaker magazine, which is located in Chico and it’s the nation’s largest video production magazine.  They sent me to all the trade shows in Las Vegas and I got to meet with the president of Panasonic and meet with Adobe here and it’s really cool all these big companies and good networking opportunities.

Chico State had this opportunity for me right before I left to work on this Northern Ireland peace project where we were sent to Northern Ireland to document about the Ireland peace process.  We met with Bill Clinton, Tony Blair.

Chico State teaching program has been a perfect fit for me.  I’ve had a lot of in class experience, hands on with the students.

Chico State really helped prepare me for the real world.  I mean, I live in Los Angeles right now, and I’m a cinematographer, and I opened up my own production company down here.

Chico State has a very hands on program for Communication Sciences and Disorders.  We work with people in the community; we do hearing aids, as well as work with individual clients in our clinic.

I’m going to be graduating in six month with a degree in Resort and Lodging Management and I’ve already been working as a professional at Hotel Diamond for almost a year.  Hotel Diamond is Chico’s premier hotel and the management has a direct connection with the Recreation Department and working here has really given me the hands on opportunity to obtain my internship and also laid the ground work for my career.

The Orion is the top notch paper in California, if not the country. 
The choices we make in life will shape us forever.  From that perspective I feel that I’m a better person for making the choice of attending Chico State University.

I felt like I was at home as soon as I came up to Chico State.

You feel like you fit in as soon as you get there, which is a really nice feeling.  They’re very welcoming in Chico.

I felt like I was welcomed with open arms into the news room, into the classes, and people were really interested in what I had to say.

The reason I picked Chico State is because they have a Physical Education program.  Once I researched it more I found that it was one of the top programs in the nation.

Chico State definitely allowed me to start a career as a student still, which is pretty cool.  I’m actually signing on to a documentary crew that’s going down to Argentina for four months.

As a Graphic Designer here I am able to work with local businesses and departments here on campus.