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College of Engineering, Computer Science, & Construction Management

The degree I’m getting here at Chico State is definitely going to get me a very nice job.

It’s a pretty small, intimate program, get to know your professors really well.

There’s a lot of opportunity in the school and it’s in a great area, there’s great people, and it’s a beautiful place.

We are actually giving all our students a real world perspective on how things are actually going to be made in industry.

I chose Chico State because I saw the campus and with that I just never wanted to leave.

Right now I’m graduating with the experience of already working on a sustainable engineering project that most full time engineers have never worked on something like that.

Bronze Age is a full conversion mod done with Unreal Tournament 2004 engine.

This will show the students how things are going to be done either right now in the country or in the future.

Our project in Honduras is a waste water treatment project.  Basically the systems failing and if the system fails all the city’s sewage is just going to run right into the ocean. So, our project is to fix that system so that they can use it and keep their waste water treated.

We’ve got products that are made from sugar cane, recycled paper, these products can actually be composted for around 60 days, at which point they can be put into your garden and you can actually grow plants in them.

This is called Solar Tracking Photovoltaic Project.   The panels will sit facing the eastern horizon they’ll track the sun across the sky all day.