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College of Humanities & Fine Arts

I think there are a lot of students who were like me, who needed someone to recognize their potential and to push on that a little bit if given the opportunity.  That’s why it’s meaningful for me to teach here.

There’s this quote that I love, it’s by Michelle Cliff, “If I Could Write This in Fire, I Would Write This in Fire.”

I love teaching at Chico State.  Help them discover, first of all discover the world that they live in, and second of all realize that they can become engaged in the world.

Even music it’s all so interconnected, intertwined, you have social theory in there too.

I looked at Santa Barbara, I looked at Cal Poly, and I looked at Sonoma and coming to Chico the beauty of the campus and the feel of the campus and how nice, welcoming everybody was at the campus, really spoke to me and really proved to me that it was a right fit and the right place for me.

I’d say I’d like the people the best they make the classroom, the other students, quite a diversity of where people are from and the different lens that they’re bringing to the text.  So it’s definitely the people.

The aesthetic value of the school in general, how beautiful it is.  Looking at the other Cal States from where I’m from, from Los Angeles area, there isn’t this sense of beauty.