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College of Natural Sciences

We have 4,000 acres of so many different habitat types and so many different opportunities for research projects.

I really love the campus, I like the river running through it, it’s just a beautiful setting.

One of the biggest factors of choosing Chico State was one of the best Nursing programs in California.

I like the one on one working with the community.

All of my professors I’ve had so far are very approachable; they’re very open to allowing you to have even their home telephone numbers and their home e-mail addresses.  Their offices are always open, it’s very easy to get a hold of, to the professors I’ve had.

Our faculty really care about the individual student, and they want to see the student succeed.

Nature reserve has wonderful opportunities if you’re a field biologist to get out in the field and get your hands into experience whether you’re into botany or animals.

Chico State expanded my knowledge of the sciences vastly by really honing down on the fundamentals of how to become a scientist and how to understand the world in a scientific point of view.

I found that studying Physics at Chico has really enabled me to see, to a much greater degree, the fundamentals of how the universe works and what my place is in that working.

My research project, is an independent research project, so you get units for Chico State and when I’m finished my findings will be publishable in peer reviewed scientific journals.

The study of Food and Nutrition Sciences is really important for us to learn how our bodies work and how to take care of them.

Chico State has taught me all that I need to know to become a math teacher, with that I can teach anywhere. The College of Natural Sciences really teaches all students how to be successful in their careers.