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The Master Plan Introudction of Chico State

You are about to begin a new and exciting chapter in the course of your life. Not only will college help you to further yourself both academically and professionally, but it will also teach you important personal lessons about yourself, open up new doors of opportunity, and give you the room to grow into the person that you are destined to become.

This online orientation, will help give you some of the fundamentals you will need to make your college experience both successful and rewarding. It will cover things from, “Where do I park?” and “How do I sign up for classes?” to “What are my options to get involved with life outside of my classes?” and everything in between.

Remember that college is a journey—YOUR journey. And only you control whether or not you'll enjoy the ride. But for now…

Welcome to your first year at Chico State.

We hope that you appreciate all that our unique campus has to offer.


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